Marin Ivezic

For over three decades, I have committed my professional life to protecting individuals, critical infrastructure, businesses, and the environment from the physical harm caused by cyber-kinetic threats. My work involves a comprehensive integration of cybersecurity, cyber-physical systems security, operational resilience, and functional safety strategies to address these risks effectively.

However, my concerns have been escalating of late, propelled by the rapid and sophisticated advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI). For nearly two decades, I have closely observed these advancements in business and in defence.

This in-depth exposure has resulted in my recognition of AI as a potentially unparalleled threat to the lives and well-being that I have devoted my career to defending. In this website I explore both the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI adoption. I also examine AI security, AI safety, AI privacy, and AI’s role in the spread of misinformation and disinformation, arguably posing the greatest threat to our democratic structures.

About a decade ago I authored a book on the (business) future with AI after having been involved in several major AI-driven organizational transformations. See more at FutureOfLeadership.AI.

Future of Leadership in the Age of AI
in 2017 the book achieved the bestseller status in several Amazon categories

In 2018 I also authored a comic on the future of the workplace in which AI-driven robots became our colleagues, instead of just tools. Unfortunately, the comic was discontinued in 2019. You can see most of the comics at WorkingWith.AI.

Working With AI 1

I also write about how AI, in combination with other emerging technologies such as IoT, 5G, Blockchain, Robotics and others, are changing the whole society. And about the challenges of securing these new technologies that increasingly permeate every aspect of our lives. See Society 5.0.

Securing Society 5.0